How to Reset My Ceiling Fan Remote

Your ceiling fan remote control is actually a small radio transmitter that sends a signal to the fan to control its function. To work properly, the ceiling fan and its remote control must be set to the same frequency. Whether you have purchased a new remote control or are switching to a "universal"-type that can control multiple appliances, you must set the control to match the ceiling fan. This easy procedure will quickly have the cool air flowing again.

Step 1

Access the ceiling fan motor housing and record the two-, three- or four-digit dip switch setting. The dip switch panel is typically located on one side of the motor housing toward the top of the motor out of sight from the floor.

Step 2

Remove the battery cover from the back side of the remote control. The cover is usually removed using a thumb-slide toward the base end or prying the cover with a coin or screwdriver tip to unsnap the cover and reveal the battery compartment.

Step 3

Remove the remote control's battery or batteries, if necessary, to access the remote's dip switch panel.

Step 4

Shift the remote control's dip switch setting to match the ceiling fan's setting determined in Step 1.

Step 5

Replace the remote control's battery or batteries, if removal was necessary. Reinstall the battery cover and test the function buttons on the remote control for proper response by the ceiling fan.