How to Repair a Ceiling Fan. Ceiling fans can be a great way to stay cool and move air around. Like any household item, ceiling fans sometimes need repairs. The three main problems people experience with ceiling fans are lack of power, humming noises and wobbling. Follow these steps to repair your ceiling fan.

Step 1

Investigate the circuit breaker or fuse box if nothing on your fan works. A breaker could have tripped or possibly a fuse needs replacing.

Step 2

Control humming noises by using vibration-isolating material such as rubber or paper spacers between the motor and the blade brackets.

Step 3

Oil the bearings of slow-running ceiling fans.

Step 4

Repair excessive wobbling, which can also be noisy as well as dangerous should the fan come loose and fall.

Step 5

Start by checking the tightness of the support bracket. If your ceiling fan hangs from a drop rod, check for a firm attachment of the ball joint to the support bracket.

Step 6

Check a fan's balance as blades can become warped, bent or end up with different weights. Straighten bent blades or replace them. Use a balancing kit from a home improvement store or simply tape a quarter to a blade to see if the balance (and wobbling) improves. Try a quarter on each blade. If you notice improvement, glue a similar weight to the top of the fan blade.

Step 7

Contact an electrician if you think the wobbling come from where the fan is connected above the ceiling. It may be that someone attached the fan to a regular electrical box. An electrician can change this out to a fan-rated electrical box.