How to Adjust a Toro's Auger Belt

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Operate the snowblower to test the auger belt tension. Readjust the belt tension, if necessary.


Setting the belt tension too tight may damage the snowblower. The belt should be taut, but not overly stretched.

Toro snowblowers have a helical blade, known as an auger, that scoops up the snow and throws it to either side of the machine. In Toro snowblowers, the auger is driven by a motorized belt and pulley system. If the tension of the auger belt is too loose or too tight, the auger won't perform as expected. You can correct a slipping snowblower auger by adjusting the belt tension. The process is so simple that you can complete the auger belt adjustment in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1

Locate the thin hex nut, known as a jam nut, on the clevis at the bottom of the auger drive control rod. Loosen the jam nut, using a jam nut wrench.

Step 2

Remove the cotter pin and clevis pin that hold the clevis to the bent rod. Reserve the removed pins. The cotter and clevis pins are small; be careful to avoid losing them.

Step 3

Rotate the clevis to adjust the auger belt tension. Turn the clevis counterclockwise to increase the belt tension or clockwise to decrease the tension.

Step 4

Replace the removed cotter and clevis pins to hold the belt at the desired tension. Tighten the jam nut to lock it against the clevis.

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