The Dyson DC17 All Floors model snaps together with a few quick clicks and can also be taken apart to check for clogs and make simple repairs. The vacuum cleaner features Dyson's patented cyclone system and has a one-touch button for switching from carpet to hard floors. According to the Dyson, the DC17 series is asthma- and allergy-friendly and retails for about $450. The company also recommends performing maintenance and repairs only as described in the owner's manual. Other modifications to the vacuum cleaner can void the warranty.

Step 1

Remove the clear bin from the vacuum cleaner. Empty debris into a trash container. Press the release on the top of the bin to remove the clear canister from the top of the bin for easy cleaning.

Step 2

Detach the tools and wand from the vacuum body. The tools pop out of molded slots. Release the wand using buttons on the sides of the hose near the power switch.

Step 3

Remove the vacuum hose from the bottom of the vacuum body by pressing the release button on the bottom back of the machine. U-shaped hoses on either side of the main hose also can be removed by pressing the small buttons on top of each hose.

Step 4

Open the base of the vacuum—the area where the canister rests--to remove the air filter. The base has a small handle on the front that lifts straight up.

Step 5

Remove the air filter from its casing. Dyson recommends cleaning the filter every six months.

Step 6

Place the DC17 face down on the floor to access the brushbar on the bottom of the vacuum. Use a flathead screwdriver or coin to remove the casing from the brushbar. The DC17 model brushbar is not removable.