How to Make a Jumper Wire

How to Make a Jumper Wire. While jumper wires can be purchased pre-cut from electronic retailers, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to make one that is a specific length but can't find that length in the store. When this situation arises you can make your own jumper wires.

Step 1

Get a spool of wire that is coated with insulation. Normally jumper wires are made out of copper or copper mixed with another material. This kind of wire is an excellent conductor. The insulation is usually made of polyvinylchloride, more commonly known as PVC.

Step 2

Measure the distance between the two contact points that you need to connect. If you need to have the jumper wire follow a certain path, then measure the approximate distance of that path.

Step 3

Cut a length of the copper wire to match the distance between the contact points.

Step 4

Use your utility knife to remove the insulation at both ends of the wire. This will expose the conductor inside. The amount of insulation you need to remove depends on the project. Make sure that you expose enough wire so that you can work with it, but do not expose so much that you can see excess wire.

Step 5

Put solder on one of the contact points. Hold the wire there, and use a soldering iron to attach it. Do the same for the other contact point.

Step 6

Test the connection by turning the object on. If electricity does not seem to be going from one contact point to the other, check the soldering job.