How to Light a White-Westinghouse Oven's Pilot

Appliances from White-Westinghouse have one common theme: the color. The company defines its products as a simple design for everyday use. Gas ranges vary in size and styling, but inside they have the same basic setup. The pilot light ignites the fuel to heat the oven. When it goes out, the system still dispenses the fuel, but there is no heat. When you smell gas, check the oven pilot light first.

Step 1

Turn off the oven if necessary. Pull open the broiler drawer at the bottom of oven. Look inside the broiler for the burner assembly. This will be a metal strip with small holes in it.

Step 2

Open the oven door if you do not see the burner assembly from the broiler. Slide your fingers in the vents on the side of the oven floor and pull it up and out.

Step 3

Light a match lighter and hold it over the post that sits next to the burner. The flame will light the gas coming out of the post to create the pilot. Once it lights, pull the match or lighter away from the burner.