How to Take Apart a Sunbeam Mixer

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Keeping your Sunbeam mixer in working order means regular cleaning and maintenance. The inside of your Sunbeam mixer easily can become clogged with debris and food particles from mixing. Cleaning out your mixer means taking it apart to some degree. Fortunately, most Sunbeam mixers are designed with the user in mind, with push-button disassembly integrated into the mixer's design. Disassembling your mixer beyond what is recommended by Sunbeam will void your warranty.

Step 1

Set the dial on your Sunbeam mixer to "zero," and unplug its power cable. Hold the mixer in the vertical position, and press the "eject" button on the top to remove the beaters. If yours is a stand-alone mixer, remove the mixing bowl from the turntable. Remove the revolving turntable from the mixer's base as necessary.

Step 2

Remove the single Phillips-head screw fastening the mixer's light lens in place. Press on either side of the lens to disengage it from its socket. Tilt the lens downward and pull it from the socket.

Step 3

Press on the mixer-release button near the base of the mixer, while simultaneously lifting the mixer's head from the assembly. Press on the locking button near the top of the mixer assembly. Remove the mixer's head. This reveals the inside of the mixer for easy cleaning and maintenance.


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