How to Unlock My Honeywell Oil Heater R7184b1032

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To reset a simple malfunction, press and release the red "Reset" button on the side of the primary control.


Pressing the "Reset" button repeatedly pumps excess oil into the combustion chamber and creates a fire hazard when the burner lights.

The R7184b1032 is an interrupted electric-oil primary control manufactured by Honeywell. R7184 series primary controls can be found in oil-fired furnaces and boilers from a variety of manufacturers, including Nordyne and New Yorker. The controls have a restricted lockout safety feature that shuts off the oil heater when flame is detected during the valve-on delay -- or if it isn't detected during the trial for ignition. You can unlock a Honeywell R7184b1032 oil-heater primary control in less than a minute.


Step 1

Watch the LED on the primary control to confirm it's in restricted lockout mode; if the control is locked out, the light will flash on and off every half second.

Step 2

Locate the red "Reset" button on the side of the primary control. Press and hold the button for 30 seconds, or until the LED flashes twice.

Step 3

Look at the LED; a single, one-second flash indicates that the control was unlocked successfully and has returned to Standby mode.


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