How to Troubleshoot a Hoover Floor Mate

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Call Hoover Customer Service in the U.S. at: 1-800-944-9200 for an authorized service dealer if you continue to have problems with your FloorMate.

The Hoover FloorMate is a versatile appliance that you can use to wash, vacuum and clean your floors. You can use it on hardwood, laminate, tile or any non-carpeted flooring. As with any appliance, the Hoover FloorMate will need maintenance or repair from time to time. Before contacting an appliance repair service, you should troubleshoot the problem with your Hoover FloorMate. Refer to your user manual for details and a diagram describing the different parts of the Hoover FloorMate.

Step 1

Check to make sure the FloorMate is plugged in if it won't start. Make sure the outlet it is plugged into is functioning by checking to see if a circuit breaker has tripped in your house electric box.

Step 2

Empty the recovery tank if it is full and when the suction of the FloorMate is insufficient. Make sure the auto shutoff is engaged, the filter and filter lid are in place, that the filter is clean, the tanks and nozzle are locked in position, and that the hose door is closed tightly if the hose is not inserted in the FloorMate. Any of these things could cause your FloorMate to have problems with suction.

Step 3

Use the recommended detergents, or you could find water puddling behind the FloorMate when you use it. Also check to ensure that the solution tank is installed correctly.

Step 4

Check the Mode selector dial and that it is turned to "Wet Pickup" if your FloorMate won't suck up dirty solution. Empty the recovery tank if it is full and ensure that it is installed correctly. Check that the filter and filter lid are in place.

Step 5

Set the Mode selector dial for "Dry Vac" if your FloorMate leaves a line of debris on the floor. Tip the unit back to lift the nozzle up off the floor in case the debris is too large to clear the squeegee.

Step 6

Make sure that the solution tank is in place and locked if you can't dispense cleaning solution. Fill the solution tank if it is low, and prime the pump according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 7

Set the Mode selector dial for "Wash" to get the brushes to rotate. Try pushing the "On/Off" switch to turn the FloorMate off, unplug it, wait one minute, plug it in again and push the "On/Off" switch to prompt the brushes to rotate. If they continue to stall, clean the brushes to remove debris that might be stuck.


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