Where to Get a Kirby Vacuum Repaired

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The first Kirby vacuum cleaner was manufactured in 1906 by James Kirby. The Kirby Company was established in 1914 and is based out of Cleveland. The company exists today; its latest vacuum cleaner model is the Sentria System. Like other household appliances, parts break, and repairs are eventually needed. Kirby vacuums can be serviced and repaired by any authorized Kirby repair shop or by sending the vacuum cleaner back to the Kirby Company.

Kirby Rebuild Department

If your Kirby vacuum is in need of repair or rebuilding, call the Kirby Rebuild Department at 216-433-7797, or e-mail rebuild@kirbywhq.com. Explain what the problem is, and the company will provide you an estimate on the cost of the repair. You will then be directed to pack the unit for shipment to the Kirby Company. Any model of Kirby vacuum cleaner can be sent back to The Kirby Company for repair, including discontinued models.

Kirby Authorized Repair Shops

If you have a local vacuum cleaner repair shop in your area, call and ask if it is an authorized Kirby vacuum cleaner repair shop. The repair shop will have manuals on how to service and repair Kirby vacuums and documentation stating it is an authorized Kirby repair shop. Also, the repair shop will have a sticker on its front door with the Kirby logo and wording about being an authorized Kirby repair shop. The repair shop will have access to parts to repair any model of Kirby vacuum cleaners, including discontinued models.

You can also call Kirby directly at 1-800-437-7170, and a customer service representative can locate an authorized Kirby repair shop for you.

Only use an authorized repair shop that replaces needed parts with certified Kirby parts. Repairs made by nonauthorized service shops or with noncertified Kirby parts will void any warranty on your vacuum.

VAC Service Center

If you can't find a repair shop in your local area, contact VAC Service Center in Twinsburg, Ohio, for repair. The shop repairs any model of Kirby vacuum cleaners (including discontinued models) with original Kirby brand parts and offers a quick turnaround on most Kirby models. Call 330-486-0785 between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST to request a quote, or visit the company's Web site. (See the Resources section below.)

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