How to Troubleshoot Softub Jets That Will Not Bubble

A Softub spa is a small, portable hot tub produced by E-Z Livin Spas of Pearl River, New York. The tubs are made of vinyl and are lightweight, which makes them easily transportable. You can fill a unit with water, plug it directly into an electrical outlet and promptly enjoy your Softub experience. However, it is an inconvenience when your Softub does not function properly. A possible malfunction involves jets that will not produce bubbles, but you may be able to troubleshoot the problem yourself without incurring an expensive repair.

Step 1

Press the red button labeled "Jet" on the side of the Softub. If the motor activates after you push the button, the spa has reached the set temperature. If the motor does not activate, push the black button labeled "Up" and raise the temperature to 104 degrees. Once the temperature reaches 104 degrees, the jets automatically activate.

Step 2

Unplug the Softub for three to four hours. Unplugging the Softub allows the motor to rest. When you plug the Softub back into an electrical outlet, the spa resets and then you can attempt to activate the jets.

Step 3

Fill the Softub until the jets are underwater. The jets cannot efficiently produce an air current if they are not completely submerged in water. Fill the Softub with water until the water is at two inches above the jets.

Step 4

Determine if there are objects obstructing the jets. The jets must be uncovered to function efficiently. Thoroughly examine the area around the jets and the surface of the jets for foreign objects and remove any that are obstructing the jets.