How to Disassemble the Dyson Root Cyclone

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The first Root Cyclone model released was the DC07.

The Dyson Root Cyclone vacuum system was first released in April of 2001 as the next big wave in home vacuuming devices. Instead of a normal bag, like most vacuums up until that point were using, the Root Cyclone used centrifugal force to collect dirt and dust and eject them into the Dyson waste bin. Disassembly, while not recommended, is necessary to clean the Root Cyclone after extended usage.

Step 1

Place the Dyson Root Cyclone on a level surface and pull the cyclone cylinder out of the vacuum by pulling its handle away from the vacuum.

Step 2

Pull the trigger on the cylinder after it is removed from the vacuum to release the bottom door.

Step 3

Grab the side latch and push the release button with your thumb to push the top portion of the cylinder off of the waste bin.

Step 4

Use a T15 screwdriver to remove the three screws on top of the portion that came off when pushing the release button.

Step 5

Pull the handle, that has the "Dyson" logo on it, up to reveal the inside of the upper cyclone system. This completes the Dyson Root Cyclone disassembly.

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