How to Troubleshoot a TV

How to Troubleshoot a TV. Thanks to solid-state circuitry, very little goes wrong with modern televisions. However, here is a troubleshooting guide that offers steps to determine where problems are coming from.

Step 1

Check the owner's manual before consulting other sources. Often, the possible problems are laid out right there, along with a troubleshooting guide.

Step 2

See if the television manufacturer has a Web site with troubleshooting tips or FAQs.

Step 3

Check all the connections - AC plug into the wall, cable television connection, input and output cables to other machines such as VCRs. Unplug or disconnect them, then plug them in again.

Step 4

Look in the fuse/circuit box to see if the switch for the television's room is flipped, meaning that a fuse blew. If it did, flip the switch back to reset the fuse.

Step 5

Check the remote control and replace its batteries if necessary.

Step 6

Adjust the television controls, following advice in the manual. Incorrectly set controls can cause problems like sound but no picture and picture but no sound.

Step 7

Test the setup of the cable television or VCR hookups by referring to their manuals. If you can identify which item is causing the problem, you can call the company's customer service number and talk with a technician.

Step 8

Clean the parts of the television that are visible, but don't dig into openings. Make sure the television is unplugged from the outlet when you clean it.

Step 9

Double-check the antenna if you have one. Replacing it or pointing it in a different direction may help solve the problem.

Step 10

Take the television for professional service, if necessary. It's better than nullifying the warrantee or ruining the machine by attempting repairs yourself.