How to Remove Control Panel Kitchenaid Oven

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Oven control panels occasionally need to be removed for repair or replacement.

Whether because of excessive wear, faulty manufacture or electrical damage, the control panels on appliances occasionally need to be removed and replaced or repaired. This is also true for the many models of ovens manufactured by the KitchenAid Corp. Removing and even replacing the panel can easily be completed in a matter of minutes by a DIY-er armed with a screwdriver set. A proper replacement controller panel part can be identified, if need be, by using the oven model number and consulting the KitchenAid website service links or contacting an authorized KitchenAid parts dealer.


Step 1

Disconnect the power to the circuit or circuits supporting the oven or entire kitchen, if needed.

Step 2

Open the oven door to expose the screws holding the front trim assembly to the oven. Remove the screw on each side and set them aside within arms' reach. For double ovens with a control panel between the two ovens, the screws will be inside the lower oven.

Step 3

Pull the trim pieces, gently and from the bottom with both hands, away and down from the oven, being careful not to twist them off.


Step 4

Remove the screw or screws on each side of the bottom of the control panel that holds it to the oven.

Step 5

Grab the control panel with a hand on each side and pull gently out and down to release it from the tabs that hold it to the oven unit.

Step 6

Unplug the flat, wide ribbon from the control panel.

Step 7

Replace a new or repaired control panel by reversing the order of the previous steps.



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