How to Disassemble a Eureka Vacuum

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Flat-head screwdriver

Disassembling your Eureka vacuum allows for clog removal and basic repairs.

Eureka has been manufacturing vacuums and other floor cleaning machines since the early 1900s. From time to time, you will have to perform general maintenance on your Eureka vacuum. This usually includes removing clogs from the vacuum and replacing your vacuum's drive belt. In any case, you must be able to partially dismantle your vacuum to perform general maintenance. Any significant electrical repairs should be left to a qualified vacuum repair technician. If you attempt some repairs yourself, you could void your vacuum's warranty.


Step 1

Turn off your vacuum, unplug the power cord, and wrap the excess cord around the cable-mounting holder on the side of the vacuum.

Step 2

Determine whether the vacuum has a disposable dust bag or reusable dirt holder. Press on the release button that holds the dirt holder in place. Remove the dirt holder, and empty its contents into a nearby trash container. Alternatively, open the dust bag compartment, pull the dust bag out of the vacuum and throw it away.

Step 3

Remove the air and dust filters from the vacuum's housing. Most dust filters are simply secured to the vacuum by a single retaining latch or Phillips-head screw. You may be able to simply pull each filter out of its individual compartment. Throw away the disposable filters and wash out the reusable filters with water.


Step 4

Disengage the retention latches securing the hose extension to its slot on the vacuum. Remove the hose, and set it aside. Remove the hose attachments mounted to the side of the vacuum.

Step 5

Place the vacuum face-down and pry off the bottom faceplate with a flat-head screwdriver. In many upright Eureka vacuums, there are a few small notches for a flat-head screwdriver. Grasp the floor brush from within the vacuum, and lift it out of the vacuum. Slide the drive belt off of the floor brush, and remove both the brush and the belt from the vacuum.



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