How to Sharpen Vitamix Blades

Vitamix offers a wide variety of blender styles, speeds and blades. With a 10-year warranty and a large stock of replacement parts, Vitamix appliances can be used for many purposes for many years. When the blades are used to break down ice cubes and other hard materials, they may become dull. You can sharpen these blades safely and quickly to get your Vitamix back up to speed.

Once the Vitamix's blades are sharpened, the machine can be used to successfully chop ingredients.

Step 1

Unplug the machine from the wall and remove the glass jar that holds the material for mixing from the base of the machine.

Step 2

Detach the gasket, with the blades attached, and rinse off the blades to make sure they are clean of any debris, especially for the dry blade configuration.

Step 3

Wearing thick gloves to protect your hands, use a sharpening stone to sharpen the blender blades. Slide each blade across the stone at a 15-degree angle while running cold water over the blades. Use six to eight full strokes for each blade to assure a sharp finish. Use the same process with both the wet and dry blade configurations.

Step 4

Rinse each blade with warm water, soap and a stiff-bristled cleaning brush to remove any dust from the stone or blades. Use a clean towel to dry the blades, then attach the blades to the main unit, just as you disassembled it, and reattach the glass jar to the base of the machine.

Colleen Meheen

Colleen Meheen is a certified personal trainer through the ISSA, and has years of experience in the fields of holistic nutrition. Her passion for preventative wellness creates her active lifestyle up in the Rockies of Colorado. She has been the fashion editor for Lifestyle Media Group and an inspirational writer for Reign Media Group L.L.C.