How to Troubleshoot a Magic Chef Mini Fridge

Because of its compact size, the Magic Chef Mini Fridge can provide the convenience of refrigerating items in even the smallest spaces. If the mini fridge stops working properly, you may be able to troubleshoot the problem to determine possible solutions. Common issues that may arise with the mini fridge can be repaired without the need for a service technician.


Fridge Not Operating

Step 1

Ensure the mini fridge is fully plugged into an outlet.

Step 2

Inspect the fuse or breaker box for blown fuses or tripped breakers.

Step 3

Reset breakers or replace fuses, if needed.

Compressor Frequently Cycles On and Off

Step 4

If the temperature of the room is warmer than normal, the compressor will cycle on and off more often. This is normal.

Step 5

Check that the door is completely closed. Refrain from opening the door too often.

Step 6

Check the temperature control and adjust it to an appropriate setting.

Step 7

Inspect the door gasket. If the door does not seal properly, replace the door gasket.

Fridge is Too Warm

Step 8

Adjust the temperature control to a cooler setting. Allow the mini fridge to cool for several hours.

Step 9

Close the door, and refrain from opening the refrigerator door unnecessarily.

Step 10

Inspect the door gasket. Replace if needed.

Step 11

Allow the mini fridge to cool for several hours after placing large amounts of food in it.