What Is the Best Place to Place a Humidifier?

Humidifiers help immensely during the winter months; they moisturize the circulating air and help eliminate some of the problems associated with breathing over-heated, stuffy air: dry scalp and skin, chapped lips, coughing and headaches. In order to benefit from a humidifier, it's important to place it in the right area of your home to maximize its effectiveness.

Humidifiers help combat the influx of heated air we experience during winter.

Whole-House Humidifier

Whole-house humidifiers need to be professionally installed, and they work in tandem with the home's central heating system, typically a furnace. These types of humidifiers need to be connected to the home's heating supply, and they distribute moisturized air evenly throughout the home. Whole-house humidifiers are typically located in the basement along with the furnace or other central heating apparatus. Even though the actual humidifier is located away from the main rooms of the home, the air it circulates is filtered through the home's vents.

Tabletop Humidifier

Tabletop humidifiers are small, self-installed, less expensive and more common than whole-house humidifiers. They are placed in one or multiple rooms of the home, wherever additional moisture is needed. As their name suggests, tabletop humidifiers should be placed on a flat surface, at least four feet away from carpeting, furniture, curtains, drapes and other fabrics, to prevent mold and water damage. Because the item is water-operated, a towel or cloth should be placed under it to prevent water damage to the surface upon which it rests.

Living Room

Humidifiers are well placed in living rooms or other common family areas. They moisturize air that can be overheated and dry during the winter months, and the air they provide is best utilized when breathed in consistently. This is why humidifiers are best placed in rooms that families frequent the most.


Humidifiers are also extremely helpful in bedrooms. This is because the moisturized air can circulate while the inhabitants are sleeping and benefits them while they are breathing the deepest. Sleeping with a humidifier in your room eliminates dry coughing during the night and allows you to awaken with moisturized lips and skin.

Rooms of Children

Children also benefit greatly from humidifiers, and placing one in their sleeping quarters or play area can stop your child from feeling itchy or uncomfortable due to excessively dry skin, or waking up coughing during the night. Parents must keep humidifiers, especially steam-operated humidifiers, out of the reach of children. If children are crawling or toddling, keep humidifiers against a wall where the plug is completely out of reach.