Air Cleaners That Use Water

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Air purifiers with water are some of the healthiest air purifiers because they often do not use chemicals but instead rely solely on the water to fight pollen and dust particles. The water simply traps particles in the air so that the owner can flush these particles out. These purifiers are easier to use than other purifiers and cost less to maintain since homeowners only need to add water periodically. Some filters work with both air and water, removing smells and detrimental chemicals.


With the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier, the water remains in a tank that the owner can periodically take out and drain, replacing the tank with fresh water. This water washes the air, removing the dirt and other particles. Some homeowners might worry that the air purifier adds moisture to the air, increasing humidity. But the water-powered air purifiers have dehumidifiers that can keep the air dry. By not having filters, these air purifiers do not need filters replaced and simply need to clean the water tanks.

HEPA Filter

Another model of the Air-O-Swiss Air Purifier has all of the Air-O-Swiss features and also comes with HEPA filters. The HEPA filters can absorb very small particles in the air. These filters include an activated carbon filter that can remove odors and gases from the air, which gives the air a clean and fresh smell. The air first passes through the HEPA filters and then passes through the water tanks, maximizing the air purification and sanitation.

Ultraviolet Lights

To clean out both air and water, some manufacturers have developed special ultraviolet (UV) lights that kill bacteria. These lights help improve the quality of both the air and water. Also, these UV lights help sanitize a home when someone in the home is suffering from a cold or another illness. The air passes through the purifier and the UV lights kill any harmful bacteria. Some UV lights are also pointed at the ceiling where they kill off harmful bacteria in the air only.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo charcoal filters can filter out both water and air. When filtering air, these purifiers remove bad odors from the air. The bamboo charcoal can also act as a humidifier or a dehumidifier by absorbing and releasing moisture. When filtering water, the filters can eliminate residual chlorine in the water. This filter also adds minerals to the water, improving the water's nutritive properties.

Restaurant Air Purifier

Restaurant air purifiers usually use water. Restaurants often have oily and greasy smells that can linger in the air. These smells are not only distasteful to customers but can inhibit the ability of the cooks to smell the food.

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