How to Troubleshoot an Ionic Breeze GP

The Sharper Image introduced its Ionic Breeze Germicidal Protection (GP) air purifier in 2002. Designed to kill mold, viruses and airborne bacteria 24 hours each day, without replacement filters and with less energy, the Ionic Breeze GP operates silently. Troubleshooting your Ionic Breeze will help you get the most benefits from your purifier and keep it running efficiently.

Clean the collection grid bars with a damp sponge every two weeks.

Step 1

Clean your Ionic Breeze purifier completely if you see the cleaning indicator light turn red. The red indicator means your purifier contains an excess of dirt and has shut down.

Step 2

Clean your purifier collection grid thoroughly if your purifier makes noise while operating. Wash the grid using warm soapy water, rinse well, and then let the grid stand for 24 hours until dry before placing it back into the purifier. Blow out dust from the ionizing wires using compressed air.

Step 3

Clean your Ionic Breeze GP if you see the cleaning indicator light with an amber color. Clean by removing the collection grid and wiping each of the three collection bars using a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel. Pull the collection grid up from the top of the purifier. Let the collection grid dry thoroughly before reattaching it. Keep your Ionic Breeze GP purifier clean at least every two weeks.

Step 4

Check to see if you forgot to return the collection grid to your purifier if you find the purifier will not operate. Your Ionic Breeze purifier will not function without the collection grid in place or if you remove the germicidal lamp cover.