How to Fix a Frozen Air Conditioner

Occasionally, your air conditioner will no longer put out cold air. One of the reasons could be that the air conditioner's coils have frozen over. When an air conditioner is used for prolonged periods of time, it periodically gathers condensation on the coils, and the cold air moving through the tubes freezes the outside moisture. This is a common occurrence and one that is easily fixed.

Step 1

Turn off your air conditioner and allow it to thaw out for 24 hours. Locate the breaker switches for the air conditioner unit in the breaker box and turn off the breakers to the unit.

Step 2

Check to verify that the unit is completely thawed out and that there is no standing water or condensation on the air conditioner. Dry any remaining moisture with a towel.

Step 3

Turn the breaker switches back on, set the air conditioner control box to the "Fan" setting and switch it on. Verify that the fans are operating properly by visually inspecting them.

Step 4

Replace the vent filters in your home to allow your air conditioning system to cool the home properly. Filters can be obtained at any grocery, department or home improvement store in your area.

Step 5

Add coolant to your air conditioner unit. If you are uncertain about how to add coolant, the safest bet is to contact your local air conditioner service company and have them add the coolant. You can also purchase a coolant installation kit from your local home improvement store, which will include directions on how to service your air conditioner.

Step 6

Turn your air conditioner unit back on "Low Cool" and verify that it is working properly.