How to Make Free Air Conditioning

How to Make Free Air Conditioning. Traditional air conditioning units can cost hundreds of dollars and are off the budget for many people. For just a few dollars and items from around the home and garage, it is possible to make a homemade air conditioning unit that can cool the air in a room in about 20 minutes and all it takes is a little gravity. Read on to learn how to make free air conditioning.

Step 1

Coil approximately 25 feet of copper tubing of a 1/4-inch diameter evenly onto the back of a fan. Take time to get it as close to the metal backing of the fan as possible. Secure it with zip ties as you coil.

Step 2

Cut 20 feet of plastic tubing also a 1/4-inch in diameter in half. One piece should be twice as long as the other piece (about 7 and 13 feet).

Step 3

Attach shorter plastic tubing to the end of the copper tubing on the incoming side and secure using hose clamp. Repeat this with longer piece for the outgoing side. You decide which side is incoming and which side is outgoing.

Step 4

Place shorter plastic tube inside a trash can filled with ice water. Completely submerge the tubing; it may be a good idea to weigh down the end using a brick or rock and some of the zip ties.

Step 5

Hang the other end of tubing out of the window. In order for gravity to siphon the water through the tubing, the outgoing tube must be lower than the level of the trash can's bottom. Direct wastewater flow into a garden or street drain.

Step 6

Turn on the fan before going outside to start water circulation by sucking on the end of the outgoing tube. Just like siphoning oil, suck on the tube, cover with your thumb for a few seconds, and then start sucking again. Repeat until you can taste water in your mouth.

Step 7

Ensure tubing is submerged in ice water after starting fan and that all electrical cords are safely away from water. Enjoy your homemade air conditioning unit.