How to Program the Wintair Portable Air Conditioner

Wintair portable air conditioners are useful for homes that do not have central air conditioning. Portable air conditioners have an advantage over window units in that they can be moved from room to room while window units often are kept in one window for the entire summer. Wintair portable air conditioners have several operating modes and settings that can be programmed to provide optimal cooling and dehumidifying for each user.

Step 1

Press the "Power" button to turn on the air conditioner.

Step 2

Choose the mode you want to use by pressing the "Mode" button. Each time you press "Mode," you enter a different mode, as indicated on the LCD screen. The mode options are "Smart," which controls the temperature in the room according to your settings; "Cooling," which places the air conditioner in constant cooling mode; "Dry," which makes the air conditioner function like a dehumidifier; and "Fan Only," which circulates the air in the room without cooling the air.

Step 3

Adjust the fan speed by pressing the "Fan" button. Choose between "Auto," "Hi" and "Low" settings.

Step 4

Set the temperature you wish the air conditioner to operate at if you are using "Smart" or "Cooling" mode by pressing the up or down "Temp" arrows. The temperature is displayed on the LCD screen. Once set, you have finished programming the air conditioner.