How to Troubleshoot Gibson Heating & Air Units

Gibson Heating and Air Conditioning have been in business since 1968. They provide a wide range of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. These two-stage systems are fairly easy to troubleshoot and problems can include clogged air filters, tripped breakers, and thermostat problems. Run through a simple check list before calling in a qualified service repairman for a more thorough inspection.

Air Conditioning

Step 1

Check the household electrical panel for breakers that may have tripped if the indoor and/or outdoor units are not operating. Ensure all the switches are in the "ON" position. Check the fuse box as well and replace any blown fuses. Always replace with fuses of the same rating.

Step 2

Verify that the outdoor unit's "Disconnect switch" is in the "ON" position. The disconnect switch can be found in a gray box mounted to the wall near the outdoor unit.

Step 3

Ensure that the thermostat is set to the "Cool" position and verify that the blower motor in the furnace is running. If the blower is not running, switch the on/off switch at the furnace to "ON."

Step 4

Remove and clean the outdoor air filter if the unit tends to shut down. Knock the air filter gently against the palm of your hand to dislodge any debris or vacuum it clean.

Step 5

Ensure that the air returns are open and blowing air. Move any furniture that could be obstructing air flow.


Step 6

Check to see that the thermostat is in the "Heat" position and is set at least 5 degrees higher than the room temperature showing on the thermostat.

Step 7

Test for power to the furnace by turning the fan switch on the thermostat to the "ON" position.

Step 8

Check for tripped breakers at the electrical panel. Reset breakers if necessary.

Step 9

Ensure that the S SU switch is set to the "ON" position. The S SU switch resembles a light switch and is located on a gray box at the furnace.

Step 10

Change the 1-inch thick furnace filter once a month. The 2-inch thick and high-capacity pleated filters can be changed every other month.