How to Use the Fan on an Air Conditioner

How to Use the Fan on an Air Conditioner. Many household and vehicle air conditioning units come equipped with a built-in fan. With the fan, you can cool down the house or car without actually using the Freon feature on the unit. The fans on an air conditioner require less energy to run and are often used on mild days.

Step 1

Use the fan on your air conditioner's window unit when you expect the temperature to feel warm rather than hot. In spring, you may wish to run the air conditioner mid-day, when temperatures are at their highest. At night, you can turn on the fan to keep the room cool without it getting too cold.

Step 2

Turn on the fan of your air conditioner while driving. Many times, the air in the car gets stale. Circulate the air with your air conditioner's fan feature.

Step 3

Add an in-duct booster fan to your central air conditioning unit. If you're trying to add more power to your air conditioner, you can use an in-duct booster fan to improve the circulation of your air conditioning unit.

Step 4

Close off the area when using the fan of an air conditioner. If you want the air conditioning unit to effectively cool with only the fan, you should keep the area contained.