What Is the Clean Air Button for on a Frigidaire Air Conditioner?

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The "Clean Air" button is found on some Frigidaire window units.

Some Frigidaire air conditioners feature a button, not commonly seen on other air conditioning units, called the "Clean Air" button. The purpose of the "Clean Air" button is exactly what it sounds like, to provide clean air. After the unit is installed, you might have questions about where to find this button on your unit, how to use it and what it does.


Some Frigidaire AC models -- not all -- come with an internal electronic air purifier. When the "Clean Air" feature is activated, the purifier pulls impurities, such as pollen, from the air. It literally cleans the air.

Location on Unit

The "Clean Air" button is located on the front panel of some Frigidaire window unit models near the "Mode" button. Usually the "Clean Air" button is in a lower corner or in a section off to the side or out of the way of the other major operational buttons.

Location on Remote Control

While the Frigidaire remote control often features all operational buttons for the air conditioner, there isn't a "Clean Air" button located on the remote control. To activate the clean air function, you must press the button on the actual AC unit.


Press the "Clean Air" button to activate the air-cleaning function. The light above the "Clean Air" button illuminates to show that the cycle is active. When you wish to cancel the function, press the "Clean Air" button again. With cancellation, the "Clean Air" indicator light turns off.


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