How to Kill Termites in Stumps & the Surrounding Ground

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Having termites in a stump in your yard might seem like a minor nuisance, but the presence of termites anywhere in your yard can present a problem. They have ready access to your home, which could require a professional exterminator and expensive home repair. To prevent these drastic problems, kill the termites in stumps and in the surrounding ground quickly.


Step 1

Clean up the area by removing debris and plants that you don't want poisons on or could be damaged by treatments. Remove loose sections of the stump and place them in plastic trash bags.

Step 2

Apply liquid pesticide such as Bora Care on and around the stump. Try to cover the stump and the roots around and above the ground. Follow all directions for the pesticide.

Step 3

Spread soil treatment like Premise 2 around the stump and surrounding area, about 2 feet from the stump and above ground roots. The soil treatment will prevent the termites from leaving the treated stump.

Step 4

Follow the directions on your products of choice for all application time frames. If possible, remove the stump totally and dispose of infected wood debris in the trash.



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