The Specifications of a Stihl 032

The Stihl 032 is a mid-sized chain saw, large enough to cut firewood or clear brush without missing a beat, but it's still small and light enough for the average user to handle comfortably. First manufactured in 1978, it has a single-cylinder two-stroke engine. The unit is compatible with bars between 13 and 20 inches and weighs in at around 15 pounds when fitted with the smallest of these bars.

Powerhead Specifications

The chrome-plated aluminum cylinder has a bore of 1.77 inches and a stroke length of 1.26 inches, for a total engine displacement of 3.11 cubic inches. When new, the engine's expected power output was 3.4 horsepower and rain at a maximum speed of 13,000 rpm. It has a fuel capacity of 1.18 pints and requires regular-grade gasoline mixed with Stihl two-stroke engine oil in a ratio of 40:1.

Guide Bar

Stihl manufactures two broad categories of guide bars: the Duromatic and the Rollomatic. Both are suitable for use with an 032. The Duromatic is a rugged, solid-steel bar designed for use in extreme conditions and comes in lengths of 16, 18 or 20 inches. Several models of Rollomatic bar are currently available, four of which are suitable for the 032 in lengths of 13 to 18 inches:

  • E Light: Two layers of steel welded together, hollowed out and filled with fiber-reinforced polymide create a rigid bar that is 30 percent to 38 percent lighter than standard bars.
  • E Standard: A general-purpose bar, consisting of three layers of steel welded together.
  • E Super: Solid steel construction and a replaceable sprocket in the nose make this slightly heavier bar a good choice for all-day work or for more demanding work, such as cutting dirty firewood.
  • ES Light: A steel bar with an aluminum core, the ES Light has the durability of the E Super but with 30 percent less weight.

Chain Numbers

The 032 can use either a 0.325-inch or a 3/8-inch chain. Stihl USA recommends a Stihl Oilomatic chain, which can be standard, rapid, micro or super. Rapid chains have a bevel on the bottom of the cutting tooth to reduce vibration and kickback, making them a good choice for beginners. Micro chains have a low profile that makes them better for wood carving or other precision applications. Super chains have a sturdier construction and are intended to stand up under heavy use. The automatic oil pump has an oil tank capacity of 0.6 pint.

Other Specifications

  • Spark plug: Bosch WSR 6 F.
  • Carburetor: All-position diaphragm carburetor with integral fuel pump.
  • Ignition Timing: At 8,000 revolutions per minute, ignition occurs 0.106 inch before top dead center, the end of the compression stroke.
  • Chain Sprocket: seven-tooth for 0.325-inch pitch.