Proper Water Height for an Inground Pool

An inground pool's filter works more efficiently and effectively when the water level is the proper height. The skimmer works better to remove bugs and other debris and the pump will be less likely to suck air through the skimmer. Pool chemicals are more accurately distributed when the water is at the proper level.

Swimming pool ladder
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Water Level

During the operating season, fill the pool to a water line across the center of the skimmer opening. This allows more debris to move into the skimmer, increasing the effectiveness of the skimmer to remove debris from the top of the water. Then you will need to do less skimming by hand.

During the winter, or when the pool is closed for the season, keep the water line below the skimmer. This reduces the risk of water seeping into the plumbing that was drained during closing. Water in the water lines in freezing temperatures can swell enough to break the lines, leading to expensive repairs.

Maintaining Water Height

Fill with water from a municipal supply such as the main house supply or from a well. Water can be delivered by a local water company and, in some areas, the local fire company. After filling, check the chemical balance and adjust as needed for optimal performance.

Lower water after rains have raised the level, by turning the filtration system on the setting to remove waste from the pool. This will quickly reduce the water level, so monitor the amount of water removed from the pool until the proper water level is reached.

During the winter use a sump pump or a siphon hose to remove water from the pool cover. The pressure of water from rain or snow on the pool cover will raise the level of the water under the cover. Monitor the water level throughout the closed season.

Automatic water level appliances are available to monitor the water level of the pool. The appliance hooks up to a hose for adding water and has a discharge hose for removing water to automatically maintain the proper water level for an inground pool.