How to Kill Rodents With Propane

Gophers, moles, ground squirrels and other varmints can wreak havoc on a manicured lawn or a farmer's crops with the critters' endless burrowing and devouring. Gopher holes are a particular peril on horse farms, should a horse step into one and break its leg. Plugging a hole does little good; the furry critters have already dug another hole somewhere else and go right on eating and digging. Rodent poisons kill other animals, and so can traps. Remove the rodent infestation using propane, which makes an effective underground bunker-blaster when used properly.

Did somebody just yell, "Fire in the hole?"

Step 1

Purchase a "manufactured dispensing tool" — known as a gopher blaster — that will deliver the right mix of propane and oxygen to the rodent hole, advises The Garden Counselor website. Visit the websites of blaster manufacturers, such as Rodenator or Rodex Industries. Depending on what accessories you purchase, a gopher blaster can cost upward of $1,500, as of May 2011.

Step 2

Wear proper safety gear including a hard hat, goggles, gloves and ear protectors before using the gopher blaster.

Step 3

Find the gopher hole. Place the wand of the gopher blaster into the gopher hole. Depress the gas flow lever, pumping gas into the hole. Release the flow lever after about 60 seconds.

Step 4

Press the ignition button while holding the device handle to fire the propane-oxygen mix.

T.C. Edere

T.C. Edere is a writer for online publications. Previously, he wrote headlines for newspapers such as "The Plain Dealer" of Cleveland, Ohio, "The Record" of Hackensack, N.J., "New York Post" and "New York Daily News."