When Is it Too Late to Plant Grass Seed?

Fall is the most popular season for planting grass seed. It's important to plant it so that it can germinate and grow before winter.

Planting grass seed at the right time is the first step to a beautiful lawn.

Grass Seed Types

Different types of seed can be planted later in the season.

There are different types of grass seeds and each requires different planting conditions. Cool-season grass seeds can be planted later than warm-season seeds.


Cool-season grass needs a minimum temperature of 45-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool-season grasses need a minimum temperature range of 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm-season grasses require temperatures about 10 degrees higher. Keep in mind that soil temperatures are usually colder than air temperatures.


Proper moisture levels are crucial to grass seed germination.

Proper moisture levels are critical to grass seed germination. While fall and spring usually provide more rainfall, supplemental watering may be necessary.

Germination Times

Germination times will vary depending on the grass variety.

Depending on the variety of grass, germination can take from one week to one month. Grasses with shorter germination times can be planted later than those with longer germination times.

Planting in Spring

Fall planting eliminates many problems to successful grass growth.

While fall planting eliminates many problems to successful grass growth, it is possible to plant grass seed in the spring. Eliminating weeds, pests and diseases is the first step for successful springtime planting. Also, be prepared to water as needed and restrict traffic in the newly planted area.