Andreas Stihl, the founder of the original German company, invented the first portable chainsaw in 1926. Stihl USA Inc. manufactured its first chainsaw in 1974 and the company now produces more than 200 different models of chainsaws and other power tools that ship around the world. Stihl has always been a market pioneer. Major inventions include automatic chain oiling, electronic ignition systems, centrifugal clutch, side-access chain adjustment, auger brake and a range of other specific Stihl patented technologies (Reference 1).

Stihl offers a range of different chainsaws to suit your needs.

Electric Chainsaws

Stihl's line of electric chainsaws are for people who need more power than a handsaw but may be concerned about the power and other issues of a gasoline- powered model. They are good for cutting larger shrubs, small trees and home carpentry projects. The MSE 140 C-BQ lielectric 120-volt saw weighs only 7.3 lbs making it easier to use than larger models. It comes with a quick-chain adjuster and a guide bar that can extend from 12 to 18 inches. The MSE 220, manufactured for professional users, is Stihl's largest electric saw. It weighs 11.5 lbs with 15.5 amps of engine power. The MSE 220 has a 3/8-inch chain and a guide bar that ranges from 16 to 20 inches (Reference 2).

Occasional Use Chainsaws

Stihl classifies their occasional use models for people who need to do wood cutting around the home, but need the durability and power of a gasoline-powered saw. The benefits of occasional use saws over electric include ease of movement and advanced features like Stihl's patented Easy2Start system that alleviates shoulder and arm strain during starting. They come in a variety of sizes starting with the least powerful 1.7 bhp, 30.1cc M170 model that has a recommended guide bar length of 14 inches and a 3/8-inch PMMC3 patented Oilomatic chain. The largest occasional use model is the 3.0 bhp, 45.4cc MS 250 C-BE. It has a .325 inch RMC3 chain, a 16 to 18-inch guide bar and weighs 10.8 lbs (Reference 3).

Mid-Range Use Chainsaws

The mid-range chainsaws are designed for wood cutters who need a more robust saw than the smaller models. Built for farmers, wood stove users and landscapers who need to fall and buck larger trees, Stihl's mid-range saws come with IntelliCarb compensating carburetors, side-access chain tensioners, and adjustable bar and chain oilers. The MS 290 Farm Boss is Stihl's number one selling chainsaw model. It a 56.5cc engine displacement, 3.8 bhp, a 16 to 20-inch guide bar and weighs 13 lbs. It is built to handle hours of continuous cutting without overheating or breaking down (Reference 4).

Standard Features

All Stihl chainsaws come with spark arresting mufflers to minimize noise, Quickstop and secondary chain braking systems to help stop kickback and improve cutting safety, the patented Ematic Bar system that lowers oil usage by over 50 percent as well as oil caps that make fluid replacement easier and faster. The gasoline models include electronic ignitions to make starting easier, throttle trigger lockouts to stop accidental trigger pushing, and an ElastoStar Handle that lower vibration and makes starting easier (Reference 5).