How to Freeze Corn on the Cob Without Blanching

When your corn harvest all comes in at once -- or you pick up a bargain bushel at your local farmers market -- there is a safe, easy and quick way to freeze corn on the cob without heating up the kitchen with a big pot of boiling water. Though most food preservation experts recommend blanching -- cooking fresh vegetable in boiling water for one to three minutes -- before freezing, you can skip blanching and still maintain the flavor of your frozen corn on the cob.

Husks help insulate your corn on the cob from freezer damage.

Step 1

Pick corn on the cob from the garden early in the day so you will get that just-picked flavor and allow you time to freeze the corn the same day you picked it. Do not husk the corn before you freeze the corn.

Step 2

Trim any corn silk and ragged husk ends from the cob with a knife or scissors.

Step 3

Place the corn on the cob, husks and all, into the freezer, laying them flat on a cookie sheet.

Step 4

Freeze the corn on the cob for 48 hours. Remove frozen corn on the cob from the freezer.

Step 5

Place the frozen corn on the cob into freezer bags. Label bags with date corn is frozen. Place frozen corn on the cob back into freezer.

Step 6

Use frozen corn within four months to avoid changes in texture and flavor.