How to Grow Zucchini Vertically

Zucchini is one squash that is notorious for being difficult to grow vertically. Nearly every other squash takes to vertical growth easily, but zucchini is a very determined plant. It very much wishes to fight you in your vertical desires and tends to try very hard to revert back to growing across the ground. Here are some tips to ensure that you outsmart this tricky plant.

Zucchini Flower

Step 1

Plant your zucchini seeds according to package directions into the soil.

Step 2

Install your string support or stake immediately next to the seed you have just planted. You will want the support as near to the plant as possible, so as to minimize unnecessary bending of the plant. Also, putting the support in now will help you avoid disturbing the root system by installing it later.

Step 3

Water the seed and wait for it to germinate.

Step 4

Tie the resulting zucchini sprouts up to the stake every few days as it grows. It will grow flat and back down to the ground, so you must tie it up every three days or so. Simply lift it gently into position and attach to the support. Continue this process until your squash is ready to eat.