How to Plow & Disk a Field

Field preparation is an important part of growing crops. Before seeds can be planted for the upcoming season, the field has to be plowed under and disked. These tasks help turn over and loosen up the soil, while removing weeds and other vegetation that can interfere with the normal growth of crops. Farm tractors perform most of the work, using various plowing and disking attachments that help reduce the amount of time needed to carry out these important tasks.

Plowing the field is one of the first steps in planting crops.

Step 1

Attach the plowing attachment to the back of the tractor. The exact method of attachment may vary among tractors and attachments. Consult your attachment's user guide for more information.

Step 2

Start the tractor and position it at one end of the field. Lower the plow share to the ground and pilot the tractor forward in a straight line. When plowing, grass and other vegetation should be turned under by the plow share, leaving nothing but soil showing. Create the next line or set of lines beside the previous set until the entire field is plowed.

Step 3

Remove the plow attachment from the back of the tractor and attach the disk attachment. The disks will break up and smooth out the remaining lumps of soil and vegetation.

Step 4

Pilot the tractor over the plow lines while making sure the disks break up and cut through the lumps.