How to Build a Funnel Snake Trap. A funnel snake trap is a safe, effective and humane way to remove snakes without hurting them. The funnel trap is a hands-free design, so you do not have to touch the snake and risk a bite. With a funnel trap, you can capture the snake at night, when it is most active. There are many traps available for purchase, but a funnel trap is easy and cost effective to build yourself.

Step 1

Cut the hardware cloth so that you have one piece measuring 4 x 4 feet and two measuring 1 x 4 feet.

Step 2

Construct the cylinder using the 4 x 4 foot piece of hardware cloth, connecting the edges with cage rings. Using one 1 x 4 foot piece, construct a funnel. The large opening of the funnel should be slightly larger than the opening of the cylinder. The small opening should be large enough that the snake can enter.

Step 3

Cut the final piece of hardware cloth to cover one end of the cylinder and connect with cage rings. Be sure to use enough cage rings, so that the snake cannot escape through a hole.

Step 4

Place the funnel firmly into the cylinder, small end first. The trap should be placed along a wall or used with a drift fence in order to trap snakes where they are most likely to crawl.