How to Get Rid of Snakes in the Garage

Though many people fear snakes, they are extremely beneficial creatures. Snakes help to manage the populations of many pest animals, including rats, mice, moles and insects. Though most snakes avoid people and prefer to be left alone, occasionally snakes will enter homes and garages in search of food or shelter. When this happens, it is important to realize the beneficial role that snakes play in the natural world, even as you remove them.

Preventing Snakes

Step 1

Seal any cracks or openings around your garage to prevent snakes from entering. A caulking gun and sealant should be enough to prevent most snakes from taking up residence in your garage.

Step 2

Ensure that your garage door closes tightly and keep it closed when not in use, prohibiting snakes from entering through the door.

Step 3

Do not feed animals in your garage, as pet food can attract rodents, which in turn attract snakes.

Trapping and Removing Snakes

Step 1

Trap snakes in your garage by dampening and rumpling a burlap sack and placing it in the area where you suspect the snake may be hiding. This will attract the snake with a cool, dark spot to curl up. Cover the damp sack with a dry burlap bag.

Step 2

Check your burlap bag trap periodically. If a snake is found inside, sweep the entire trap, including the snake, into a plastic bucket. Release the snake in an area at least a mile away from your garage.

Step 3

Another way to trap and remove an unwelcome snake from a garage is by nailing two rodent glue traps side by side on to a piece of plywood, with the glue facing out. (To capture larger snakes, you may need to attach additional glue traps.)

Step 4

Place the glue trap-covered board at a slight angle against an open wall in your garage. Place it in an area where the snake cannot push against other objects for leverage in escaping.

Step 5

Check the glue traps often. If a snake is trapped, remove the entire board with the snake on it.

Step 6

After removing and relocating the snake at least a mile away from your garage, pour cooking oil over the snake to release it from the rodent glue traps.