Bedbugs feed on the blood of humans while they sleep. They infest mattresses, reproduce and leave waste material behind, making for a disgusting place to lay your head in the evenings. If these unwanted pests have invaded your home, you may be wondering if they ever go away. Whether you will be stuck with the tiny intruders until you get rid of your mattress, box springs and bedding depends on what you do about the situation. Learn the facts about bedbugs, when they'll leave you alone and how to prevent future infestation.

Not on Their Own

If you are wondering if bedbugs will ever go away on their own without action from you, the answer is probably no. As long as bedbugs have a place to live -- your mattress -- and a food source -- your body -- then there is really no need for them to move on. Just as with any other creatures that find a suitable habitat, they will settle in, reproduce and continue their aggravating lives until you take action. If you do nothing, life is good for the bedbug. Just keep coming to bed each night and they'll keep biting you. When they complete their life cycle, their young will pick up where they leave off.

With Pesticides

The begbugs in your home can be killed and you can rid yourself of the problem with professional help from exterminators. Exterminators have the know-how to make this problem go away, and the answer is proper pesticides. You may not be thrilled with the idea of having poisons sprayed on your bed and around your home, but this is the best way to get rid of the pests and ensure they aren't just temporarily slowed down. Even vacuuming your mattress and washing bedding will only reduce the problem. Licensed professionals who specialize in dealing with bedbugs are the only real solution when it comes to permanent removal of a colony.

Self Treatment

You can likely control the population of bedbugs in your home on your own, but the amount of damage you can do to the bedbug colony living in your mattress is limited. You may keep them away for a while, only to see them reappear as the well-hidden ones reveal themselves later. Selecting and using pesticides on your own could work, but professionals know the safe way to treat the home and use the least toxic methods necessary to rid you of the problem. If you choose something too toxic, you could do more harm than good. Some home remedies include steam cleaning and spraying the area with rubbing alcohol. These are safe methods, but may be only somewhat effective.

Bed Bug Prevention

Once you have bedbugs gone from your home through professional treatment, you can do a lot at home to prevent their return. Never bring in mattresses, bed frames, box springs or bedding from outside or from another home that you are not confident is free of infestation. Wash all clothing or other materials that have been in a hotel with you as soon as you get home to prevent transporting bugs from the hotel to your bedroom. Washing with hot water is best. You should also seal any cracks or crevices that could allow insects in from outside.