Bed bugs are troublesome pests that feed off of human and animal blood. They most commonly collect in sleeping quarters, where they can feed while people sleep. Bed bugs can quickly infest an entire area, requiring a fast plan of attack to get rid of the problem.

Wash Linens

Remove all bedding and place in the washing machine. Wash in hot water with your normal detergent, and add an optional cup of distilled white vinegar which will work as an added disinfectant. Wash any toys or stuffed animals that are machine-washable. Dry on high heat to kill any bed bugs that may have survived the wash cycle.

Cover Mattress

Mattress bags are available that will cover both the mattress and box spring, creating an airtight seal that bed bugs cannot escape. Purchase one of these bags from your local pest control facility, and wrap the bag around the mattress and box springs. Vacuuming the mattress prior to applying the bag is optional, but not required as the air tight seal will kill off bed bugs and prevent them from escaping.


Vacuum under the mattress and box spring, on nearby carpeting, under the bed and around bed frames and posts, drapery and any furniture in the nearby area. Vacuum in the corners and cracks near floors and walls, as well as heater baseboards and vents. Vacuum thoroughly to collect the large majority of bed bugs, but some eggs and larvae may remain. Sprinkle borax under the bed and in surrounding areas. This will kill any remaining bed bugs that are in the nearby area, and should bring your bed bug problem to an end.