How to Spray a Yard to Kill Chiggers

Chiggers are a species of mite in the same general family as spiders and ticks. Although they typically only target animals and birds, people can become targets if they are exposed to an area infested with them. Chigger bites are identified by intense itching and a hard scab or cap that forms over the bites because of the dissolved tissue from the chigger saliva. Treat your yard properly to reduce the chigger population and make outdoor activities more enjoyable.

Step 1

Mow any high traffic areas. Keeping grass trimmed and low cut will help reduce the chigger population as they nest in tall grass.

Step 2

Select an insecticide spray with chlorpyrifos or diazinon as these chemicals are highly effective at eliminating chiggers.

Step 3

Read the product instructions thoroughly and mix your chosen treatment carefully according to the directions. Treat any tall grass areas, lawn edges and shrubbery. Let the spray dry before allowing anyone in the area, including your pets.