Moles can be a very troublesome pest to a home garden or lawn. They feed on the grubworms and earthworms that reside in your backyard. There are many techniques and strategies that have been invented and suggested as good remedies for mole problems. They ranged from the practical (Sevin dust) to the whimsical (chewed bubble gum). But one mole removal technique is particularly interesting ... and dangerous. It involves using castor beans--the source of the toxin ricin.

Creating the Castor Bean Nuggets

Step 1

Put on your gloves, goggles and face mask.

Step 2

Insert one castor bean into each of the commercially produced earthworm nuggets.

Step 3

Create your own earthworm morsels if you cannot find any commercially produced. Place the earthworms into the blender or food processor and process on low until the worms are finely chopped. Shape a teaspoon-sized ball of the worms into a ball and insert a castor bean. Place the nuggets in a refrigerator for 30 minutes to firm up.

Using the Castor Bean Bait

Step 4

Locate as many of the molehills in your yard or garden as you can find.

Step 5

Place the earthworm-castor bean balls directly into the molehill openings, at least two or more in each hole.

Step 6

After two weeks, observe any decrease in the numbers of moles, if any, that you see or the amount of damage to the garden or lawn to see it has lessened.

Step 7

Repeat the application of the castor beans if desired.