The Best Way to Get Rid of a Skunk

Many find skunks to be adorable creatures, but few enjoy their scent. Pets who don't know any better can often get sprayed by a skunk who's taken up residence in your yard, and sadly, skunks are often carriers for rabies, thereby posing a serious health concern. They can also dig holes in your yard while looking for food. So if you've got a skunk near your home, chances are you'd like to get rid of it.

Step 1

Call a professional. Find a local pest or animal control company in your area and contact them. This is the most certain way of getting rid of a skunk, and, because do-it-yourself methods often require time and materials, it may not be more expensive to call in professional help. This is also the safest method, since skunks can often carry diseases, including rabies, and any direct contact with them is dangerous.

Step 2

Set up lights all around the area. Skunks hate light, so if, for instance, one is living in your crawlspace, keeping the crawlspace well lit all the time will cause it to move away. Make sure, though, that the light will not disturb you or your neighbors when trying to sleep.

Step 3

Get a commercial skunk repellent. These are sold online, or sometimes in places like hardware stores. Often these repellents smell like skunks' predators, such as a fox. This is meant to scare the skunk away from the area.

Step 4

Use automatic sprinklers. If you already have them installed, set them to go off at different times during the night to annoy the skunk. This may not work as well if the skunk has some sort of shelter nearby, like a shed, as the skunk can then just retreat to safety.

Step 5

Use a skunk trap. Make sure first, though, that you know what you want to do with the skunk once you've trapped it. This method should only be used by those who have experience trapping wild animals, since a trapped animal will often be defensive and violent.

Henrietta Padgett

Henrietta Padgett began writing for various websites in 2010. Padgett holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and interned for a small publisher who specialized in health and cooking articles. She enjoys writing about her favorite interests, including hair care, books, languages (especially Latin) and animals.