How to Keep Birds From Building Bird Nests

An inconvenient bird's nest can be a bother around your house. Some birds can damage your house in the area they nest, such as woodpeckers, and wild birds can potentially bring with them mites, known commonly as paper mites, which can get in your house and feed on you. Proper removal of the nest, as well as implementing methods to deter further habitation, can remove the hassle for you.

Step 1

Examine the exterior of your house for areas that have had nests or can be used for nests. Birds will look for nooks or outcroppings like beams or molding, in which they can rest their nest.

Step 2

Repair any cracks or holes in the exterior of your house that a bird can use for building a nest, and any cracks that can potentially grant the bird access to the interior or your house.

Step 3

Use anti-roosting gels on areas where birds may nest. The gels are formulated to dissuade birds from nesting in area in which they've been applied. The gels do not harm birds, as they are non-toxic. Rather, they are a sticky substance that birds do not like standing in, which keeps them from building nests. A variety of brands of gel can be purchased online or at some home-repair stores.

Step 4

Note any birds that are beginning to build nests on your house and identify their species. If possible, get a picture of the bird, which will make comparing to online images easier.

Step 5

Check with the Endangered and Protected species list from the references to ensure that the bird starting a nest is not listed, and that the nest can be freely disturbed.

Step 6

Remove any twigs, dirt or other debris being gathered from the nesting site, and spray the area with gel.