Whether you have wild rabbits near your home or a pet rabbit that roams free in your yard, you run the risk of losing garden flowers and plants to a rabbit's appetite. Undeterred by thorns and prickles, rabbits will even eat rose bushes with relish. You can prevent rabbits from eating your roses with a few different methods that won't harm the roses or the rabbits.

Rabbits are cute but deadly to your roses.


You can use a pepper spray such as Scat to keep rabbits at bay. Spray the parts of the rose bush that are accessible to rabbits, such as leaves and blooms close to the ground.

Homemade Prevention

You can make your own version of Scat by mixing up a combination of cayenne or jalapeno pepper with water. Spray it on your rose bushes.

Live Traps

If you only have a few wild rabbits, you can set live traps that will allow you to catch the rabbits. Drive any rabbits you catch a few miles away from your garden and release them.

Other Methods

Garlic oil or fresh chopped onions placed near the roses may prevent your rabbit from getting too close. Chicken wire embedded deep in the soil is also an option.

Seasonal Threats

Wild rabbits are more likely to eat your rose bushes in the winter, when other food sources are scarce. Plan your prevention methods accordingly.