How to Use Triplet Weed Spray

Triplet weed spray is a selective herbicide, manufactured by Nufarm Americas, Inc. Triplet, which contains 2,4-D, dicamba and other ingredients, is used to control dandelion, wild onion, clover and a number of other broadleaf weeds in turf grass. It is easy to apply with any lawn-type sprayer. Choose a windless day, when no rain is expected for 48 hours and the temperature is below 90 degrees F, to apply Triplet. Do not mow the lawn or water for 48 hours before or after the application.

Step 1

Fill the sprayer with the recommended amount of Triplet and water.

Step 2

Calibrate the nozzle to emit a coarse spray. According to the manufacturer, fine droplets have a tendency to drift and may harm nearby ornamental plants.

Step 3

Spray the lawn by waving the sprayer wand in wide arcs, from left to right, walking backward as you spray.

Step 4

Wait four weeks after application to reseed.

Bridget Kelly

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