How to Kill English Ivy With Dawn Detergent

English Ivy can look beautiful, but it can completely overtake your garden, trees and even the brickwork on your home. Although beautiful, the ivy can be dangerous to other trees. According to the National Park Service, as the ivy climbs in search of increased light, it engulfs and kills branches by blocking light from reaching the host tree's leaves. There is an easy solution to this potentially big problem. With just a few household items, you can kill English Ivy once and for all.

Step 1

Heat the vinegar in the stock pot to medium heat and add the salt. The heat will help dissolve the salt.

Step 2

Add the Dawn detergent to the vinegar mixture.

Step 3

Place the funnel on the spray bottle. Using the ladle, pour the vinegar into the spray bottle until it is almost full.

Step 4

Spray the English Ivy with the solution. Spray as much as is needed onto the plant. Use all of the solution if necessary.