How to Get Rid of Moles With Peppermint Oil

Moles are a common pest in gardens and lawns. They are a vermin that can be difficult to remove if they have a well-established habitat on your property. Many techniques, devices and chemicals have been used to eliminate moles. Peppermint oil is a safe nontoxic remedy that is easy to use. It can also save you a lot of money and time. Results will be instant and very gratifying. Moles are persistent, so follow these instructions exactly to rid your lawn and garden of these little pests.

Gather Supplies and Get Rid of the Moles

Step 1

Buy a bottle of full-strength peppermint essential oil from a local natural food or herb store. If more than one brand is available, buy the bottle with the most strength and choose the size according the size of your project.

Step 2

Gather your supplies and take them to the problem area. Survey the area to determine how many mole holes are visible. Notice if any holes are slightly closed, then loosen the dirt using either a stick or a small garden shovel. Open the hole so it is large enough to insert several saturated cotton balls.

Step 3

Put on the aromatherapy mask and gloves to protect your nose, mouth and skin from excessive exposure to the oil.

Step 4

Open the peppermint oil and saturate two to three cotton balls for each hole. Find the first opening to the mole tunnel and insert the oil-saturated cotton balls into the hole. Shove the cotton balls in gently and just deep enough to be under the surface of the ground.

Step 5

Saturate two to three cotton balls for each mole tunnel opening. Insert the saturated cotton balls as described above until you have covered the entire area. When you are certain all the holes have been filled, discard the used gloves.