Home Remedy for Getting Rid of Skunks

Get rid of skunks by making your yard less attractive to them. Remove food sources such as pet-food bowls or open trash cans. Add light or noise before dusk to areas that the skunks may use as their den, such as space under a deck, porch or shed.

Remove Food Sources

Skunks may visit your yard regularly if they find a food source nearby. If there's enough food and a place to rest, they may even decide to live on your property. Remove things the skunks find tasty, such as pet food and open garbage cans, to make the area less of a skunk buffet.

  • If you have a pet that eats outdoors, remove the food bowl after your pet finishes a meal.
  • Keep lids secured on all trash cans so the skunks can't forage in them. If the lids are easy to remove, replace the cans with another type that has locking lids.
  • Add a heavy weight such as a brick atop the trash can lid, or strap a bungee cord from handle to handle over the lid to make it difficult for an animal to open.
  • If you've ever noticed grubs in your yard, the skunks probably have, too. Do not overwater your lawn, as this brings grubs up to the surface, easier for skunks to find. The grubs won't come up to the surface when the lawn is dry.

Make Your Yard Less Attractive to Skunks

Besides food, skunks look for a place to make a den. Places they enjoy best are dark and quiet and relatively undisturbed, such as a pile of wood or rocks, or a gap underneath a shed, deck or porch. If you suspect skunks live on your property, fill any holes under a shed or structure with wads of paper or straw; if the materials are moved out of the way within a day or two, skunks may live there.

  • Remove piles of wood or rocks if you've noticed skunks nearby. Make sure they aren't living in the pile first, as their may be baby skunks that should not be disturbed.
  • If you've seen skunks crawl under a shed or other structure in your yard, shine a flashlight in the area during the day to ensure there are no baby skunks living in the skunk den.
  • Disrupt the dark, peaceful atmosphere the skunks enjoy in an adults-only skunk den by adding a light source such as a floodlight that shines directly into the hole all night or a motion-sensing light that shines over their area any time something moves near their den. A radio playing near their den or noisy wind chimes set up over the area will also make the den less desirable to the skunks.

Getting Rid of Skunks

  • Block off all but one entry point to the skunk den and install a specialty one-way door designed to let skunks out but not back in. Sprinkle flour inside and outside the door area to ensure the skunks have left.
  • If skunks are trapped inside a structure such as an empty metal trash bin, provide a means for them to escape, such as a wide board with a strip of carpet tacked on. Position the board like a ramp so the skunks can escape on their own.
  • Add a motion-activated sprinkler that sprays the skunks with water when they walk near it.
  • Purchase a cat and dog repellent spray and spray it around -- but not in -- the skunk den.