How to Get Rid of Wasps. Wasps are one of the most dangerous stinging insects. Wasps can sting a person several times. Wasp nests are usually found hanging from sheds and roofs.

Step 1

Buy a tin of wasp remover. It is available at hardware shops. Understand the directions listed on the canister.

Step 2

Check the exact location of the wasp nest. If it is near the doorway, ensure that you have some alternate access to your house after the treatment.

Step 3

Wait for the recommended time of day mentioned on the wasp remover canister.

Step 4

Stand near (not under) the nest and spray the poison directly on the wasps. Wear some old clothes over your dress to keep the poison residue off. Protect your eyes by wearing a pair of goggles as direct exposure to the chemical can have dire consequences. Move your pets and children away from the area.

Step 5

Use the alternate door to access your home after you spray.

Step 6

Wait the recommended time and avoid accessing the area around the nest.

Step 7

Knock down the nest if you do not notice any activity in the nest. Wear your goggles while doing so. Dispose off the nest in the dustbin.

Step 8

Burn a small fire below the nest. The smoke will rise and choke the wasps. Suffocated, they will abandon the nest at once. The nest may safely be removed afterwards.

Step 9

Hang chemically treated pest strips designed to kill wasps and keep away from the area till the wasps are dead. Remove the abandoned nest after ensuring that none are hiding in tubes of the nest.

Step 10

Place a homemade wasp trap near the nest. It can be made by preparing a small hole in center of the lid of an empty jar. Fill the jar partially with sugar water. Cover the jar with the lid and you will notice wasps entering it through the hole. The wasps will stick and perish gradually.