How to Use a Plastic Owl to Keep Bats Out

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic owl

  • Mounting screws

  • Screwdriver


Bats can enter your home through an opening as small as ¼ inch. Seal all openings when the bats have been relocated. Bats are shy, intelligent creatures that typically do not attack humans but they can transmit histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that can cause flu like illness, and rabies, so relocating them is highly recommended.


Wear a mask that is proven to block dust particles as small as 2 microns when cleaning bat droppings or guano. If you are ever bitten by a bat, clean the area with a mild cleanser and attempt to catch the bat before going to the emergency room to have rabies ruled out.

Bats are beneficial mammals that eat 30 to 100 percent of their body weight in insects each night. However, you may want to avoid having them near your home. Keeping bats out of your home is as simple as placing one of their natural enemies, the owl, near their roosting place.


Step 1

Purchase a plastic owl that has a lifelike all-weather surface.

Step 2

Mount the plastic owl as high up as possible, ideally above where the bats are roosting or could enter your home, and against the skyline for maximum effect. Use mounting screws to secure the plastic owl to the tree, trim or roof .

Step 3

Move the plastic owl at least three times a year to keep the bats aware and fearful of it.



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